Gardening after hip surgery

Many of my patients are keen gardeners, and this time of the year is when they start to see the fruits of their labour! In this video I will give you some top tips on how to work safely in the garden, and avoid problems after having hip surgery.

Dear Julie...

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Some while back now you came to my website and requested my free brochure and information regarding hip pain. I do hope you have found my e-mails and videos interesting and informative.

But here's the thing.

Information about the causes and treatment of your hip discomfort, whilst useful and important, can only get you so far. In future it is likely your symptoms will progress and unfortunately your quality of life will likely deteriorate too.

My advice?

Do what you already know to be true: to seek advice, and not to put off seeking help. As with any medical problem the sooner you are seen, the better. Why suffer in silence when you don't have to?

Jeremy Latham MA MCh FRCS(Orth)

Consultant Hip Surgeon

So when you're ready, get in touch - it's very simple. you can:

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And if you'd like to speak with me personally I'm very happy to give you a callback - simply let Anne know and she'll arrange a time.

Best wishes,

Jeremy Latham, Consultant Hip Surgeon

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