Worried about hip pain?
Thinking about having a hip replacement?

Then you need my FREE guide "Living with a New Hip Joint"

You DON'T Have to Suffer in Silence.

Do you have pain in the hip? Do you struggle to sit or get up from a chair? Perhaps you find it difficult to get to the shops, visit friends or walk with the family in the park. Or maybe you’re finding it difficult to do the gardening, or sporting activities you enjoy such as golf, or tennis?

Do you wake up with pain in the middle of the night? Suffer from stiffness, or even the odd feeling that one leg is somehow shorter than the other?

All these symptoms can be caused by one of the commonest and most debilitating problems so many of us face as the years go by - arthritis of the hip joint.

So if you’ve been suffering from pain and stiffness, struggled with doing your normal day-to-day activities, or have reached a point where painkillers just don't seem to help very much anymore, you may want to consider having a hip replacement.

Mr. Jeremy Latham

Consultant Hip Surgeon

Of course, undergoing ANY surgery requires careful consideration. You will have many questions about what is involved and will want to see an expert to be sure that is the RIGHT treatment for YOU.

Which is where my FREE Guide "Living with a New Hip Joint" comes in.

My name is Jeremy Latham and I am a consultant hip surgeon. For almost the last 30 years I have specialised in hip surgery, with particular expertise in hip replacement, re-do hip replacement and hip resurfacing.

Over the years I have helped thousands of patients with hip problems and there's a very good chance I can help you too.

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  • What causes pain in the hip?
  • Can hip pain be caused by other problems than arthritis?
  • How long does a hip replacement take?
  • When will I be able to drive again?
  • How long will it be until I can play golf or tennis?
  • Will I need physiotherapy?
  • Can I book an appointment to see you anytime?
  • Will you perform my surgery?

What my Patients Say.

Mr. GM - Winchester

'Before and after my hip and femur ops I just put the pain and discomfort in my back down to that and didn’t think about my back until Mr Latham suggested the MRI scan due to my symptoms and then referred me to Mr Davies. I have such amazing surgeons looking after me and I am extremely grateful to them all for giving me back quality of life. I can’t express enough how grateful I really am at what a difference you all make to me and my life.'

Mr. AL - Southampton

'Thank you so much for your kindness and understanding at my consultation with you last week. The operation that you performed on me has given me my ‘life back’ for which I am eternally grateful. I realise that I must again’ bite the bullet’ so to speak, in order to regain that quality of life, probably rather sooner than I had hoped. It certainly would help my golf! With my many thanks and best wishes.’

Mrs. LS - Alton

'Apart from being clinically excellent, my consultant was always cheerful and encouraging. He went that extra mile to see how I was on a day off. I had complete confidence in him.’